The North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce represents Northeastern Brunswick County which includes the communities of Leland, Belville, Navassa, Northwest, Sandy Creek, and other surrounding areas. If you do business or wish to do business in the North Brunswick area, we welcome you to join.

Please fill out the form below to join.

Please click the button below to pay your membership fee via PayPal. Please only pay the fee that corresponds with your category choice in the form above. You may use the list below to calculate your fee.

Membership Types


Small Business (1-10 Individuals): $225

Intermediate Business (11-50 Individuals): $280

Large (50+ Individuals): $400


Includes: MD, Attorney, CPA, Vet, Realty, Investment, Insurance, etc.

Small Professional (1-10 Individuals): $250

Large Professional (50+ Individuals): $400


Hotels, Motels, Restaurants, Apartments

Small Hospitality (1-100 Rooms/Seats/Apartments): $250

Large Hospitality (100+ Rooms/Seats/Apartments): $400



Bank / Financial

Each Branch: $300



Non Profit




Different Name - Same Type of Business (ex. Two Publications): $50

Different Name - Similar Type of Business, Same Office & Owner (Consulting): 50% of rate

Different Name - Different Type of business, Same Office & Owner: Standard Rate

Same Name - Different Location/Branch (ex. Restaurant/Bank): Standard Rate

Additional Category Listing on Website: $25