Chamber’s Power Connections program picking up steam

$869,000.00. That’s how much business has been transacted as a result of referrals passed through the Chamber’s Power Connections group at last count.

What is Power Connections?
Power Connections is a referral program for Chamber Members to build productive, meaningful professional relationships that lead to qualified referrals and generate new business.

How are Meetings Structured?
Power Connections meets over lunch in a concise, structured format similar to other referral groups. Every attendee has the opportunity to make their elevator pitch, and one attendee makes a more detailed 10-minute presentation on their business at each meeting. After the 10-minute presentation, attendees share referrals and closes of business.

When does Power Connections Meet?
Power Connections meets at the Leland Smokehouse at noon on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month. If you are interested in being a featured speaker, click here to email Zach Drennan (10-minute speakers must be Chamber members).